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P3 PC800 - 800Ltr Pressurecube


The Pressurecube is an 800 Ltr capacity, durable, round pressure vessel designed for the most demanding of liquid handling applications.

Designed for use with many specialist chemicals and liquid food products that require a higher pressure within the process. The Pressurecube has a working pressure of 4.0 bar and is approved for packaging groups I, II & III.

The vessel has an external frame that enables handling by crane or other pallet lifting equipment and stacking of 4 units high when full.

The Pressurecube is manufactured using 316, high-quality stainless steel, and can be cleaned completely, leaving no product residues.

Whether for process, storage, or distribution, the Pressurecube IBC is internationally approved for land and sea transportation, offering maximum safety for hazardous goods.

  • Long-life stainless-steel pressure vessel
  • ADR approved for packaging groups I, II & III
  • Working pressure 4.0 bar
  • Pressure relief valve set at 4.4 bar
  • 500mm manlid
  • Optional bursting disc and pressure gauge
  • Top discharge via dip pipe and ball valve
  • Flanged inlet with DN40 (1.5″) ball valve
  • No bottom outlet and no closures beneath the liquid level
  • Stacks 4 high when full
  • 4-way fork or pallet truck handling and top lift facility
  • Designed to fit 20 IBC’s inside 20′ ISO Container
  • Tare weight: 430 kgs

ADR approved for land and sea transport of hazardous liquid materials of packaging groups I, II and III Max. density of filling goods 2.6 kg/l

European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

Regulation concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID)

International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code)




Pressure applications