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Since 1996, many of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors have relied on PH Europe equipment and services to deliver for their customers throughout the continent of Europe and beyond.

PH Europe has a long history of providing stainless-steel returnable transit packaging to the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

Our team is well-versed in the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, and up to date with the latest local and international legislation in an industry where quality, integrity, and safe handling are of paramount importance. Our equipment is always compliant with the latest certification and regulatory requirements, including UN/ADR approval for dangerous goods, ATEX and ASME as required.

Some benefits of our stainless-steel IBCs for pharmaceutical use include secure tamper-evidence, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, UV and environmental protection, hygienic cleaning, temperature control, a high degree of adaptability with various fittings and accessory options, and compact, safe storage and handling. Our ISO tank fleet offers many of the same benefits for large volume shipments.

Should your pharmaceutical campaign have limited contractual visibility, or demand high quality equipment with prompt availability, then our exceptional rental service assures your logistical challenges are met.

Rent, Fill, Clean, Repeat.