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Testing and Certification

PH Europe offers UN testing and recertification services for all intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). Our experienced engineers can provide the service at your site or our specified service depots, as required.

The containers will be subjected to rigorous testing and inspection in accordance with the following regulations, and certificate issued.

ADR Chapter A, Part 4 and Part 6 and UN Transport of Dangerous Goods Volume II

Design Type Conformity and Markings

Containers checked to conform to the design type and is correctly marked. Per (a) (i) RID/ADR and IMDG code

Internal and External Condition

Thorough visual examination of the containers for damage, corrosion, and pitting. Per (a) (ii) RID/ADR and IMDG code

Functionality of Service Equipment

Check and inspects to the lid, closures, seals, pressure/vacuum relief valves and the outlet valve. Per ADR/RID/IMDG (a) (iii) RID/ADR and IMDG code

Leakproof Test

Air Test for 10 minutes at 0.2 bar gauge.

Per RID/ADR and IMDG code